Allu Products at The Finlay Group

The Finlay Group of Companies has been the sole dealer for Allu Products in England and Wales since 2003. Allu equipment is available for Hire and Sale.

The Allu Processing Bucket

Divided into three main drum types, the Screener Crusher, Stabilisation and Fine Screening and again into many models to fit a wide range of base machines from mini-digger to 100tonne face shovel excavators and an even wider range of applications. These include Remediation and Stabilisation, Recycling and Crushing. The applications section of this site shows a non-exhaustive selection of common applications for the range of Allu Processing Buckets including Pictures and videos.

The Allu Dosing Silo

ALLU Dosing System feeds binding agent, for example lime or cement, directly to the ALLU Screener Crusher. Excellent combination of mobile accessories: the ALLU Dosing System together with ALLU Screener Crusher is an excellent combination for recycling sites or pipeliners who want to recycle the excavated materials, even on site.

The Allu Mass Stabilisation System

Mass stabilisation is a fast and cost-effective method for hardening soft ground by adding binder into the soil. Different types of clay, peat, slurry and other soft ground materials can be transformed into a solid layer by using the mass stabilisation method. This method can also be used for processing and encapsulating contaminated materials. ALLU Stabilisation System consists of three devices: pressure feeder, power mixing unit and control system.

screener bucket

screening bucket

allu screening bucket